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09-30-2017 3:00 pm -9:00 pm


Love it or hate it, the L is Chicago’s best way to get around the city. And we’re making it even better.


With adult beverages of course! We’re throwing the first and ONLY Chicago L Bar Crawl. Each L line will have it’s own separate and unique bar crawl! Get your friends, tell mom where you’ll be and ride along your favorite L line to explore Chicago with a hundred others as we hit the best bars around each stop and finish off the night with a bang: all 4 lines’ crawls meet to end the night at the extravagant rooftop bar, Fremont for a HUGE party with over 300 people!

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price Tickets Remaining
Regular BLUE Line (Ends Sept 28) $15.00 16
Regular RED Line (Ends Sept 28) $15.00 12
Regular BROWN Line (Ends Sept 28) $15.00 15
Regular PINK Line (Ends Sept 28) $15.00 20
Late BLUE Line (Ends Sept 30) $20.00 25
Late RED Line (Ends Sept 30) $20.00 21
Late BROWN Line (Ends Sept 30) $20.00 25
Late PINK Line (Ends Sept 30) $20.00 25
Last Minute BLUE Line (Ends Sept 30) $25.00 15
Last Minute RED Line (Ends Sept 30) $25.00 15
Last Minute BROWN Line (Ends Sept 30) $25.00 15
Last Minute PINK Line (Ends Sept 30) $25.00 15
Optional Ventra Pass $10.00 46

  • "I had a blast! Great group, great people. I have to definitely come out to more events."

    Taylor // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "Come to these events. You won't be disappointed. The organizer is SUPER friendly and a great host. "

    Tabia // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "I met my best friend from the first event I went to. Thanks Peter! "

    Jessica // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "Thank you Meet People Chicago. I met my love of my life, my good friends, all because of your amazing, fun events!"

    Jill // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "After attending several different groups, Meet People Chicago is the hands down the best! There are a variety of young fun people in their 20's and 30's with a good balance between men and women. The venues are also awesome. Thanks for organizing it Peter! "

    Trent // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "So much fun! The people were great and the music was totally fun! It was my first event and I was amazed at how great it was. I look forward to going to many more and meeting many more wonderful friends!"

    Jen // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "Best events I have been to! Fun group, nice people and the organizers are awesome!"

    Lisa // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "Out of control and I like it like that!"

    Kirill // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "I had an amazing time! I can't wait for the next events!"

    Tiffini // Meet People Chicago Member

  • "Meet People is a fantastic social group. I was brand new to Chicago in June (knowing all of 2-3 people), and decided to give it a try after being here for five days. The people are friendly, fun and it's pretty easy to just bounce around meeting new people. I HIGHLY recommend you give this group a try if you're on the fence. Peter does a fantastic job organizing, and it's always good to get out and explore/drink in new areas of Chicago with people just looking to have a good time."

    Jeremy // Meet People Chicago Member